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My name is Alexey Zaytsev, I am working with the International Skolkovo Gymnasium as a head of department of mathematics.

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Algebraic Geometry (with emphasis on function fields, algebraic curves over finite fields), Abelian Varieties over Finite fields, Elliptic Curves, Number Theory, Coding Theory and Cryptography, Groups Schemes, Deformation Theory of Abelian Varieties, the Zeta Functions of Towers of Function Fields


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Professor Gary McGuire

Claude Shannon Institute
University College Dublin
School of Mathematical Sciences
e-mail: gary.mcguire AT ucd.ie

Professor Gerard van der Geer

Korteweg-de Vries Instituut
Universiteit van Amsterdam
e-mail: g.b.m.vandergeer AT uva.nl

Professor Michael A. Tsfasman

Institut de Mathematiques de Luminy
Independent University of Moscow
e-mail:tsfasman AT iml.univ-mrs.fr

Professor Henning Stichtenoth

Sabanci University - FENS
e-mail:henning AT sabanciuniv.edu

Docent Sergey Aleshnikov

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University,
e-mail: elliptec AT mail.ru